Download our e-wallet, join our webinar, and simply earn $50 –  a gateway to endless rewards through our Caesium Profit Sharing (CPS) Club!

How does it work?


Join the CPS Club

Start your journey towards profitable cycles and financial growth.


Advance through Levels

Progress by introducing new members and expanding your network


Auto Placement

Qualify for auto placement by introducing 3 IDs in Cycle 1, unlocking even more earning potential.


Claim Your Rewards

Start your journey towards profitable cycles and financial growth.

Cycle-based Profit Sharing (USD)

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User Investment

Claiming Rewards


  • User invests $200 (worth of BNB).
  • CSM mints from the CSM contract, preparing for the DEX pool.
  • 50% of investment allocated for CPS qualifier rewards.
  • Another 50% of BNB allocated for DEX Liquidity Pool.
  • CPS qualifiers claim rewards in BNB.
  • Equivalent worth of CSM tokens burns from the DEX pool.
  • Potential growth of CSM Price in DEX: USD $10 - $50
  • Estimate Liquidity Start: $200 * 100,000 * 50% = $10,000,000.
  • Estimate CSM in Circulation: 1,000,000

Download your e-wallet!

Experience all these benefits through our CPS Club membership. If you feel overwhelmed or unfamiliar with trading and crypto terms, don't worry – we offer a comprehensive education through our webinar series to guide you every step of the way. But first, ensure to download your e-wallet!

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